About ASPS

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents represents the senior operational leaders of the Police Service of Scotland in the ranks of Superintendent and Chief Superintendent.

ASPS supports its members and wider policing by:

  • actively contributing to helping to shape future policing policy and practice at both national and strategic levels
  • helping lead and develop the police service to improve standards of policing for now and the future
  • providing support and advice to members regarding health and welfare or those ‘at risk’ in relation to conduct issues
  • negotiating the best possible conditions of service for members


National officers

The President and General Secretary represent the Association in dealings with the Scottish and UK Government including meetings with the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Justice Committee, the Police Negotiating Board (PNB), PNB Scotland Standing Committee and Pensions Working Parties, the Chief Constable and the Scottish Police Authority.

The Association’s national officers also represent members’ views on a number of regional and national meetings and working groups.

The General Secretary is responsible for the administration of the Association with the Office Manager, based in the Secretariat which is located at the Scottish Police College.

Formulating policy

At any time there are many issues impacting on the Association’s members and the police service as a whole.  Consultation papers are circulated by the Secretariat for members’ comments, and issues are considered at local and national level through the Executive Committee or sub-groups, which make recommendations to the Executive.

In this way, the Association determines what its position or policy will be on any given issue.  Increasingly our views are also sought by the media, particularly on high profile issues such as policing change, serious and violent disorder, firearms, sentencing policies, criminal justice reform, youth crime, child protection, hate crime and more.

You can read our news and views here 

Members are consulted and kept informed through the Secretariat, President’s Bulletins, newsletters, minutes of the Executive Committee and Circulars.

District Representatives also inform and consult members on various local and national issues throughout the year.

Operational matters

Through our members who are the Local Police Commanders in Police Scotland, work has begun to ensure that, in partnership with Scotland’s communities and their representatives, ASPS members will continue to deliver local policing in the national arena.

Local needs remain a top priority for ASPS and we will scrutinise Local Policing Plans, engage with local elected members and community organisations to ensure our policies reflect this.

Our members in specialist roles in Police Scotland will ensure that their role in managing and commanding these essential services can be delivered in all areas of the country, making sure that no matter where you live issues such as violence and serious crime will be targeted.