RETIRED OFFICERS SCHEME- Change of Insurance broker

On 1st April 2017, the Group Insurance Scheme will be brokered by a new provider, Philip Williams and Company. This will see some minor policy improvements but in general, cover will be like for like and there is no increase in pricing. We have however managed to absorb forthcoming Insurance Tax increases, lowered and capped the Travel Insurance Excess and secured a price freeze for 2 years. Denplan will cease but most emergency dental cover is provided between NHS Scotland and the Travel Insurance Policy so we do not assess that this will cause any difficulties.

As your premium is paid by Direct Debit you will shortly be contacted by Philip Williams and Company and asked to complete a revised Direct Debit Mandate. It is important that this is done as quickly as possible so that continuous cover can be maintained.

To expedite the process, it would assist us if you could email with your name, postal address and email address so we can match emails with the membership details we hold.

David Hamilton

Vice Chair SPF