Scottish Government confirms additional funding for Policing.

Following an announcement in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 2 February 2017, the Scottish Government has confirmed additional funding will be allocated to policing in the 2017/18 budget.

Andrew Flanagan, Chair of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) responded saying:

“I welcome the announcement by the Scottish Government of more resources for policing which provides the SPA with the scope to make further strategic investments in the service in the coming year. Investment that will enable Police Scotland to step up the programme of transformation required to meet current and future demands from the public, and play a strong and constructive collaborative role in addressing broader public service outcomes.

“Demonstrable improvements in efficiency will flow from that investment and will contribute to meeting the financial challenge next year. The full benefits of transformation will take time, and we will continue to work together with Police Scotland and the Scottish Government to deliver a more effective and financially-sustainable policing organisation.

“Greater clarity on the scale of investment available to policing now means we can proceed with the finalising of our 10 year strategy, and in particular the priorities for early implementation. I expect the SPA and Police Scotland to be in a position to publish that draft strategy in the next few weeks, which will begin a period of wider public consultation.”

Chief Constable of Police Scotland Phil Gormley said:

“I welcome today’s announcement of additional capital and reform funding which will support the ongoing transformation of the service.

“Police Scotland has been working with the Scottish Police Authority to develop a 10 year strategy. This will deliver a sustainable policing model that provides the protection Scotland needs and enables us to get to a position where the budget is in balance.

“This additional money will enable us to start to make the strategic investment necessary to build that service, improve productivity and create the capabilities we know we will need to meet existing and future demand.”