President’s Blog No. 11 – General Overview


Since my last blog there has been a ‘change of plan’ regarding the promotion process to the ranks of Superintendent and Chief Superintendent. You will all be aware that the scheduled launch of the promotion process was postponed to allow for greater consultation regarding the proposed process.

Since the postponement we having been actively engaged with Aileen Reid and her team to consult on the revised proposal. Discussions are at an advanced stage and I am hopefully that the revised process will be launched as soon as possible.

As soon as detail becomes available we will keep you updated.

Member’s Briefing Day 

You should have been made aware of the ‘member’s briefing day’ being held at the Police Scotland College on Wednesday 20 July from 0930hrs until 1500hrs. This is an annual event where we bring members up to date with topical issues however and perhaps more importantly, this also allows us the opportunity to listen to member’s views and concerns.

I would like to encourage you to try and come along for all or part of the day. I would like to appeal to TEMPORARY Superintendents and encourage you to come along and join the day as much of the discussion is around helping to shape the future.

The afternoon session is dedicated to a plenary discussion where I hope to discuss issues such as the ‘on duty pilot’, appraisals, promotion process etc

Can you please let Ruth or Fiona know if you are able to attend or if you have to withdraw.


The impact upon policing as a result of the referendum outcome cannot be judged at this early stage. Discussions around this will take place over the coming months as the newly formed Westminster Government and Brexit decision becomes clearer.

This will form part of my discussions with Mr Michael Matheson, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, when we next meet.

On Duty Pilot 

We have been discussing this proposal with the 44 superintending officers that will be affected by the pilot. As is often the case with new proposals we have differing views on this and as such I am keen to consult a wider audience of superintendents so we can make an informed decision of the best way forward.

I welcome your views on this topic and encourage you all to participate in the debate.

Working Time Regulations 

The subject of recording ‘Working Time’ remains a topic of concern for the organisation. Can I ask that where possible, members update their hours worked so that we as an association can evidence the amount of time members are dedicating to work.

Martin Fotheringham – 2026 Secondment 

Martin is being seconded to the 2026 project for a period of 6 weeks as of Monday 18 July to work with the project team looking at the future of policing. I am conscious of the pressures on operational policing therefore I have taken the decision to temporarily release Martin so as to maintain our authorised operational superintendent posts.

Given the importance of the project I am delighted that Martin will be embedded in the project to work alongside Supt. Gavin Phillip.

Executive Committee – Vacancies 

Since my last blog there have been some changes in the executive. Martin Fotheringham is now the West Chair supported by Superintendent Stewart Carle. In the East Chief Superintendent Ivor Marshall is now the East Chair supported by Superintendent Andrew Allan.

As previously outlined, we have some vacant posts on the ASPS Executive Committee due to retirement and a resignation. We are already oversubscribed by persons expressing an interest in joining the Executive for which I am extremely grateful however I am keen to hear from anyone else who would like to be involved. If interested please let Craig, Martin or I know as soon as possible please.

I am also keen to open up opportunities for members to attend meetings and fora on behalf of ASPS, particularly where they have a level of knowledge or specific interest in the topic. Where such opportunities arise they will be sent out via email to members for consideration.

Chief Superintendent Paul Main has tendered his resignation from the Executive Committee having taken up post as Chief of Staff to the Chief Constable. Paul has been an active member of ASPS for many years where his contribution over this time has been excellent. I would like to put on record our sincere thanks to Paul for his contribution during this time, from which we have all benefitted.

Divisional Visits 

I have briefing visits arranged for most divisions over the coming months starting with Glasgow Division today (Friday) and hope to catch up with you all during the visits.

I look forward to seeing you at the member’s briefing day next week if you can make it. If there is an issue you would like to raise but cannot make the event then please feel free to contact me in advance and I can raise this on your behalf.

Kind Regards