Scottish Police Federation’s – Manifesto – Programme for Policing 2016 – 2021

Scottish Police Federation has presented its  programme for policing 2016 – 2021 manifesto.

Among the 13 recommendations in the document are calls to ensure police budgets rise at least in line with inflation during the lifetime of the next Holyrood administration, to introduce a Scottish equivalent of the Hatch Act in the United States to ease restrictions on police officers’ taking part in democratic life and to ease bureaucratic burdens on Scotland’s police service by abolishing public sector targets and speeding up court proceedings.

Scottish Police Federation Said  “In today’s economic climate, it has never been more important to ensure that the interests of Scotland’s police officers are listened to and acted upon by Scotland’s politicians, decision-makers and opinion formers.

Programme for Policing sets out a range of ways in which Scotland’s police officers can work in partnership with government and a range of agencies to deliver speedy, effective and informed justice

This document is the result of the experience and expertise of many of our members and could not have been completed without the time and effort our Joint Central Committee devoted to this task. This manifesto is a call to action to whoever forms the next Scottish Government – not just in the final, frenetic weeks of an election campaign – but over the lifetime of the next Scottish Parliament”

click HERE  for SPF’s  Programme for Policing 2016 – 2021