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December News Letter :-

Look after your heart this Christmas

The effects of lack of sleep theme

How much sleep should you get2017 Promotional Calendar

2017 Annual Publicity Calendar

November News Letter :-

Beat the winter blues or SAD

Boost your wellbeing in winter theme

Poster Reduce your risk of catching a cold

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Q4 2017 PMF Promotional Calendar 

How to manage your stress theme

Newsletter Sleep tips for shift and night workers

Poster Stress and your lifestyle

August & September News Letter :-

Balancing work life and home life

Have a healthy holiday

Water drinks and your health theme

Poster Stay hydrated

July News Letter :-

Poster Hot Weather Risks and Staying Cool

Get the most out of your sleep

Enjoy the_sun_and_hot_weather_safely_theme

June News Letter :-

Are you fit for summer

Hidden causes of weight gain theme

Tips for preventing weight gain

May News Letter :-

Poster Recognise the signs of stroke

Newsletter Reduce your risk of stroke theme

Newsletter How to be more resilient

April News Letter :-

Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

The Link Between Diet and Cancer Theme

Poster Eat Healthily Cut Your Cancer Risk

March News Letter :-

How to Eat Less Salt

Tips to Help you Quit Smoking

Why Quit Theme

January/February News Letter :-

Poster Mental Health and Wellbeing

Try Yoga at your desk to relieve stress

Improve your mental health theme

December News Letter :-

Look After Your Heart This Christmas

Steps To A Good Nights Sleep Theme

Poster What’s Keeping You Awake

November News Letter :-

Keep Colds & Flu at Bay this Winter – Poster

Stay Healthy This Winter

Myths About Alcohol

October News Letter :-

manage stress in your life theme

not all fat is bad

poster stop stress before it stops you

September News Letter :-

10 Cancer Prevention Guidelines theme

Tips to help you sleep well

Poster Reduce your risk of cancer

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May News Letter:-

Newsletter –  Making the most of sleep

Don’t eat more than 6g of salt a day

Newsletter – Cut down on salt theme