SPA Statement on Strengthening Local Policing

Local Policing Restructure

John Foley, Chief Executive, SPA said:

“At the SPA board meeting held  (27 October) Police Scotland presented an update to the Authority on its engagement work and next steps on the proposed merger of A and B divisions, and separately of K and L divisions. 
“There has been considerable engagement between the SPA and Police Scotland on these proposals going back to November, before engagement with local interests began, and during the engagement process itself. 

“While acknowledging that it is for the Chief Constable to decide the divisional structure within which the direction and control of police officers is carried out, SPA welcomed the opportunity to provide more formal oversight of that engagement and consultation process, given the clear public interest in the outcomes. 

“SPA members were satisfied that effective local engagement had taken place and that issues raised had been appropriately considered by Police Scotland and reflected in the revised plans that will be taken forward.”

The SPA wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice yesterday to provide assurance on the scrutiny of the local engagement undertaken around these proposals and have now published the paper which was discussed and agreed in private session at Tuesday’s Board Meeting.

Cabinet Secretary Letter – local policing