Tax Relief

You may be able to claim tax relief if you have to use your own money for travel or things that you must buy for your job.  You can only claim relief on things that are just used for your work, and that you don’t use in your private life.  You can’t claim relief on things you’ve spent money on if your employer has already provided you with an alternative.

You must keep records of what you’ve spent, and claim within 4 years of the end of the tax year that you spent the money.

Uniform: The tax relief for police officers is a flat rate deduction of £140 but its only applicable up to the rank of Chief Inspector.  You may still be able to claim a standard annual amount of £60 in tax relief, but you will need to have kept the receipts. 

Subscriptions: ASPS is included in the HMRC list of approved professional organizations, which means you can claim tax relief on your yearly subscription to ASPS.

Vehicle:  You may be able to claim tax relief if you use your own vehicle on business or for fuel you buy when you use a company car.  You can’t claim for travelling to where you work, unless it’s a temporary place of work.

If you use your own vehicle for business, you may be able to claim ‘Mileage Allowance Relief’.  To work out how much tax relief you can claim, add up your business mileage for the tax year and multiply it by the approved mileage rates.

If your employer doesn’t pay you a mileage allowance you can claim the full approved amount of Mileage Allowance Relief.

If your employer pays you a mileage allowance but it is less than the approved amount, you can claim Mileage Allowance Relief on the difference.

If your employer pays you more than the approved amount you’ll have to pay tax on the difference.

You must keep records of the dates and mileage of your work journeys.


The way you claim tax relief on expenses depends on the amount you are claiming for.

Claims up to £2,500

You must claim using a Self Assessment tax return if you already fill one in.

If you don’t already fill in a Self Assessment tax return, and your allowable expenses are under £2,500 for the tax year, fill in form P87 and send it to the address on the form.

If you’ve made a successful claim in a previous tax year and your expenses are less than £1,000 (or £2,500 for professional fees and subscriptions), you may be able to make your claim by phone.

Claims over £2,500

You must claim using a Self Assessment tax return.