ASPS Tax Consultant Advice

For some time ASPS Members were keen that we should be able to provide them with some basic tax and pension advice.  For that reason, we have decided to retain the Services of ‘Systematic Tax & Accountancy’ for the coming year to identify whether this is something that is of assistance to members.
Whilst we are retaining this service, it is important that members recognise that this is not a recommendation by the Association and having sought and received some initial tax advice from Systematic, it is important that members thereafter take the next steps based on their own personal needs.
We have also agreed that since no two people are the same, it would be difficult to provide anything other than generic information to ASPS members as a whole however individual members will be able to seek a consultation with Systematic Tax & Accountancy through an initial request to me/ASPS General Secretary.
The Service that members can expect includes the following:
1. Briefings following the budget, focused on the needs of our members and in particular their pension arrangements;
2. Regular articles for the website on topical matters of interest;
3. To provide, through myself, answers to members questions and if need be a specific article on the website;
4. To provide occasional webinars which members can log in to from their computers in order to avoid too much travel time away from their workplace;
5. To provide, on request, an initial consultation free of charge to members;
6. To provide briefings to members on the impact of any pay award as necessary;
7. We have agreed to run this Service for a year’s trial period and to monitor and review as we go along so following contact, please provide the Secretariat with any feedback you have.
Melanie Wilson of Systematic Tax & Accountancy will attend our Annual Conference and you may have the opportunity to meet her then or at one of the Financial Services events we hold.
Carol Forfar General Secretary