ASPS Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Supporting and Representing the Senior Operational Leaders in Policing 

The Association’s strategic vision is to support members, the Police Service of Scotland, and the policing community in achieving excellence in policing.

As a staff association, we consider that this can only be achieved through a continual commitment to the wellbeing of police officers and staff, as these are the service’s most valuable asset.

The Association has identified five principles that underpin the drive for excellence in policing:

• Learning and Leadership
• Ethics
• Diversity and Equality
• Efficiency and Effectiveness
• Sustainability and Resilience

The Association’s Strategic Plan sets out the objectives for work in these key areas, facilitated and enabled by ongoing communication and appropriate governance.



The purpose of the strategic plan is to support and improve our members’ welfare and interests, representing their views and influencing policing to improve outcomes for members and communities


Through this plan, ASPS intends:

  • To actively contribute to helping to shape future policing policy and practice at both national and strategic levels
  • To help lead and develop the police service to improve standards of policing for now and the future
  • To provide support and advice to members regarding health and welfare or those ‘at risk’ in relation to conduct issues
  • To negotiate the best possible conditions of service for members


Our values are fairness, integrity and respect, all of which are enshrined in the Police Service of Scotland Code of Ethics.


Promote a culture of continuous learning

ASPS will promote the development of a structured leadership training strategy for all ranks, including Superintending ranks.

ASPS will continue to promote a learning culture in the organisation where members have the confidence to recognise failings and to learn from mistakes.

Uphold the highest standards of ethics in policing

ASPS will use its leadership position to support and encourage members to follow the Code of Ethics, and in ensuring the Police Service of Scotland is held accountable for the consistent application of the Code of Ethics.

ASPS will actively promote openness and transparency in ethical matters.

Influence and promote all aspects of diversity and equality within the service

ASPS will work closely with the Police Service of Scotland and other staff associations (SEMPER and GPA) on matters of equality and diversity.

We will endeavour to reduce barriers and increase confidence of our members. To achieve this aim we will encourage the PSoS to publish, and be accountable for, diversity data.

By engaging with Pathways to Policing we will positively influence, not just recruitment, but retention and promotion of diversity groups.

Support the delivery of an efficient and effective policing service

ASPS will use its position to influence and promote credible and meaningful understanding of what works in policing.

We will promote efficient and effective working practices and continue supportive and influential dialogue around this with Scottish Government, SPA and other Justice partners.

ASPS will encourage the Service and SPA to have open and transparent governance.

Promote the achievement of a sustainable and resilient workforce, focusing on the superintending ranks

ASPS has undertaken a personal resilience survey among its members and will use the results to identify areas of concern and where support is best provided.

We will encourage the Police Service of Scotland to have a resilient workforce by conducting wellbeing projects to support our Members and to consolidate our collaboration with the University of Glasgow to introduce health checks for all members of the organisation and to look at the short-term and long-term effects on wellbeing of Policing.

ASPS will promote flexible and agile working practices that allow our Members to deliver policing to the high standard our communities deserve.

Ensure clear, timely and constructive messaging from the Association to its members, the Police Service of Scotland, and the wider community

ASPS will introduce a communication strategy to professionalise our communication activity and use this to further our reputation and credibility.

Ensure that the governance of the Association is, at all times, ethical and open, in line with our values and that the Association fulfils its legislative requirements

The role of ASPS Executive Committee is to listen and act on views of members in line with the constitution.

The Association will have strong financial stewardship of the funds and resources for the benefit of its members.

The chair will actively encourage members to attend the Executive Committee meetings.