The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents

The Association serves the interests of its members in relation to pay, pensions and terms and conditions.

It also has a major stake in the delivery of policing services and the development of policing in the interests of the public we serve.

Pay, terms & conditions

As the senior operational leaders of the service, the superintending ranks carry significant responsibility and provide leadership across all aspects of operational policing to keep the people of Scotland safe. Policing in Scotland is undergoing major reform and the roles and responsibilities of the superintending ranks continue to evolve.  It is important that pay reflects the significant responsibilities, size and span of commands, and the levels of risk of our members.  ASPS is committed to ensuring a fair pay settlement for our members and to ensuring that other terms and conditions of service are reasonable, realistic and fair.


Members of ASPS have committed their working lives to serving and protecting the public.  Recent changes to UK public sector pension means that our members are paying more towards their pension and in the future will work longer and receive less.  A new police pension scheme is being developed for Scotland and ASPS is committed to getting the best possible deal in what are exceptionally challenging economic conditions.

Panel of Friends

The ASPS’ Panel of Friends is a group of trained and experienced members from which a ‘friend’ is assigned to support Superintendents/Chief Superintendents who become ‘At Risk’ and the subject of a formal investigation.

For more information please contact the ASPS Secretariat.

Supporting the development of policing

ASPS is first and foremost a staff association representing the interests of its approximately 150 members.  This includes not just terms and conditions but also the wider development of policing on behalf of the communities we serve.

How we do this

Sharing many common interests, we work closely with the Scottish Police Federation and the Scottish Chief Police Officers Staff Association, as well as participating in regular discussions with representatives of police staff and groups representing the diverse views of female, LGBT and BAME officers and staff.

We work with the Chief Constable , the Cabinet Secretary for Justice and the Scottish Police Authority to ensure that policing and justice policy is informed by the senior operational leaders of the service.

The Association considers and brings to the attention of the Chief Constable, Scottish Police Authority and the Scottish Government, matters concerning the welfare and efficiency of members and the Service.  The President and General Secretary also play a vital role in the National JNCC, Police Negotiating Board (PNB) and PNB Scotland Standing Committee and Working Groups, which determine the pay and conditions of service for all ranks.

The Executive Committee meets regularly to discuss issues affecting policing, and criminal justice and matters affecting members.  In addition there is an Annual Joint Meeting with the Executive Committees of the Police Superintendents’ Association and the Superintendents’ Association of Northern Ireland.  These joint meetings ensure that matters of national interest affecting the service, criminal justice, public safety and the role and welfare of superintendents are discussed in a broader arena and allow the Associations to present a common front.

As well as its Annual Conference, the Association regularly hosts events for members and stakeholders, influencing the development of justice policy in Scotland.  ASPS is consulted throughout the year on a wide range of issues including legislative change, reform of local government, matters affecting penal policy, crime and punishment, firearms, youth crime and issues affecting the police service as a whole.

Looking ahead 

The Association has a reputation for objectivity, fairness and professionalism and over the years, members’ opinions and views have been influential in determining a range of policies and decisions.

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents will continue to campaign locally and at national level on matters affecting our police service.  We have found that a particularly effective method of campaign has been to join with the other police staff associations to represent the police view.

The ongoing changes to Scottish policing, criminal justice and the political landscape offer a challenging time ahead and ASPS will play its part in contributing to and shaping the outcome of the many debates ahead.

We are proud that the Association’s well established and long-held policy of moving to a single police service for Scotland has now come to fruition, and we are committed to working with all partners to ensure that Police Scotland delivers a safe and secure Scotland for all.