The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents represents Superintendents and Chief Superintendents in the Police Service of Scotland.  The Association serves the interests of members in relation to pay, pensions and terms and conditions.  It also has a major stake in the delivery of policing services and the development of policing in the interests of the public we serve.  Read more in the About ASPS page.


Pay, Terms & Conditions

The Superintending ranks are the senior operational leaders of the service, they carry significant responsibility and provide the leadership across all aspects of operational policing to keep the people of Scotland safe.  Policing in Scotland is undergoing major reform and the roles and responsibilities of the superintending ranks continue to envolve.  It is important that pay reflects the significant responsibilities of our members.  This Association is committed to ensuring a fair pay settlement for our members.  We are also committed to ensuring that other terms and conditions of service are reasonable, realistic and fair.



Every person is acutely aware of the importance of providing for retirement.  The members of this association have committed their working lifes to serving and protecting the public.  Recent changes to UK public sector pension means that our members are paying more towards their pension and in the future will work longer and receive less.  A new police pension scheme is being developed for Scotland and this association is committed to getting the best possible deal in what are exceptionally challenging economic conditions.

Panel of Friends

The ASPS’ Panel of Friends is a group of members who have the experience, training and expertise in providing a ‘friend’ to Superintendents/Chief Superintendents who become ‘At Risk’ and the subject of a formal investigation.  For more information please contact the ASPS Secretariat.

ASPS Advisory Role – Supporting the Development of Policing

ASPS is first and foremost a Staff Association representing the interest of its members.  It does this not just in relation to their terms and conditions, which are very important, but also by contributing to the wider development of policing interests of the communites we serve….Read More