ASPS President: “opportunity to radically improve IT”

ASPS President Ivor Marshall says the recently agreed investment for Police Scotland’s IT is an opportunity to radically overhaul existing systems which are hindering officers and staff.

Writing for Policing Insight, Ch Supt Marshall says the recent CoPACC survey of police ICT showed that officers remain “considerably frustrated by the outdated, cumbersome systems and hardware that the service operates.”

He said: “There continue to be significant issues due to lack of integration and interoperability between systems from the legacy forces and agencies.

“I am aware that the Chief Constable along with the Scottish Police Authority recognise that improvement in ICT is a top priority.

“Considerable work is actually ongoing on an extensive programme of modernisation and integration.

“I am convinced that the leaders of the Police Service of Scotland and all officers and staff can make radical and major improvements in ICT to bring it up to date as a key enabler to service delivery.”

Read Ivor’s full article here.