2018 pay settlement announced

The pay settlement for Police Officers in Scotland 2018 has been agreed following a series of negotiations between the staff side (ASPS, SPF, SCPOSA) and the Official Side through the Police Negotiating Board (PNB).

The offer, which has been accepted, is that for all ranks up to Chief Superintendent there will be a pay uplift of 6.5% effective from 1 September 2018.

This settlement will cover a period of 31 months up to 31st March 2021.

The Public Sector Pay Policy was not applied so there is no grading of the pay award and no capping.

Chief Officers will receive an award that does take cognisance of the public sector pay policy and is considerably less than the 6.5%.

Furthermore for Superintending ranks, a payment of an on-call allowance equivalent to that paid to federated officers has been secured. This is designed to recognise the disruption that on call duties causes to individuals and their families.

ASPS President, Chief Superintendent Ivor Marshall, said:

“Overall, this deal secures stability in pay awards for a significant time period and sends a message to all officers that their service is valued. 

“I am also pleased to have secured the payment of an on-call allowance for members.

“It has been a matter of principle for ASPS that members receive an allowance to recognise the impact that on-call has and the dedication and commitment of our senior operational leaders who are making critical decisions day and night.”

Susan Deacon, Chair of the Scottish Police Authority, said:

“I am pleased that through constructive dialogue we have reached agreement on an investment in pay that recognises the significant and valuable work that our police officers do in keeping the people of Scotland safe.

“Police officers represent a substantial portion of the police workforce and budget.

“This deal over a 31-month period provides both individuals and policing with certainty as we plan and implement the further transformation of policing to meet the needs of a changing Scotland.”

Police Scotland Chief Constable Iain Livingstone said:

“The pay award represents a significant and deserved outcome for police officers.

“Every single day, our hard-working officers and staff are keeping people safe and demonstrating the highest levels of leadership and public service.

“They’ve done this consistently since the creation of Police Scotland, clearly showing that they are our most valued asset, so it’s only right that their dedication and commitment is recognised appropriately.”

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said:

“This strong deal for Scotland’s police officers is an important recognition of the vital work they do to support safer, stronger communities.

“It also reflects the positive relations between police officers and employers in Scotland.”

While the settlement may impact on Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance, the issue of taxation is fundamentally separate from the pay negotiations.

ASPS will continue to discuss the issues raised by these allowances, and seek to influence changes to the policy approach to AA and LTA by the UK Treasury and HMRC.

Any member with questions or issues relating to the pay settlement is welcome to discuss the matter with the ASPS Executive Committee and staff.