President’s Blog – 15/09/17 – Nobody is born to hate


Nobody is born to hate….

I start my day with a quick flick over my twitter feeds and my attention is caught by this story which I retweet…

I like the thought that despite all the seriousness and importance of security that a wee four year old boy just sees someone with their arms out as someone who wants a hug. This captures the sentiment that we all talk about when we say that terrorism is defeated by communities and people not being intimidated or paralysed by fear.

Within a couple of hours, there is breaking news of another incident on the underground in London. An explosive device has gone off at Parsons Green and people are injured. The Police are treating it as a terrorist attack.

As I monitor the news feeds, I hope that the victims are not badly hurt, I hope there are not more devices, I hope that police officers and other emergency services personnel who are rushing to the scene will not be targeted.

Thankfully it seems it is a single attack and that the device hasn’t fully exploded and hasn’t caused the devastation that was intended.

Subsequent hours see the national security threat level raised to ‘Critical’ whilst officers are carrying out fast time enquires and operations to apprehend the people who are responsible. I know that officers around the whole of the UK will be mobilized to work longer hours to provide security and reassurance. Officers will be mobilized from rest days and from their time off to provide additional capability- many Superintendents and Chief Superintendents will be leading the deployment of armed officers to key locations. Officers will be putting themselves in harm’s way, because that is what police officers in the UK do…..

It is true that nobody is born to hate but unfortunately some people do teach hate and some people learn to hate. But while we have four year old’s like Edward and brave men and women in the police, we will overcome hate and we will stop those who would seek to maim and kill.

I am proud to say I am part of policing in the UK and terrorism and hatred such as we witnessed today at Parsons Green in London will never ever succeed.

Ivor Marshall

Chief Superintendent

President of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents