Presidents Blog No 9 – General Update



It has as usual been a very busy time and thus there is a need to update you in this, my last President’s Blog.

Presidential Election

The polls have closed, the candidates have been informed, the results have been announced and Gordon Crossan has been elected as your new President with effect from 25 May onwards. Congratulations Gordon. An individual with sound operational experience and a desire to represent his colleagues to the best of his ability, I am sure Gordon will be an excellent President and ambassador for the Association.

I must also express sympathy to Martin Fotheringham and Andrew Allan who also put themselves forward for this role. They had many qualities to offer and, although clearly disappointed not to have been elected, both were quick to offer Gordon their congratulations and support. That says a lot about the qualities of our members.

Executive Vacancies

It is a changing of the guard though as further executive members of long standing bid the Association farewell. Jim Baird and Dougie Lynch, Vice Chairs in both the West and East of Scotland, have retired. Thus far Stewart Carle has been elected to Jim’s post and a vacancy remains in the East. Welcome Stewart and congratulations on your election success.

Hot off the press is that Malcolm MacCormick will be standing down as Chair in the West. Malky has been an ASPS representative for many years and has represented his colleagues at a whole host of meetings and events. In thanking him for his contribution, we wish him all the best for the future. Nominations for a new West Chair will be requested in the short term.

Superintendents Review

The recommendations contained within the Superintendents Review were approved by the Senior Management Team of the service last week. They will now progress to implementation and an implementation team will be engaged in that process with Executive leads for all recommendations.

Clearly, some will be easier to implement than others and perhaps the most difficult to achieve will be a cultural change. That having been said, I am pleased to see the level of commitment from the very top towards this goal. It is therefore imperative that ASPS members commit themselves to ensuring their behaviour and working requirements set the correct standard and example for others. The following are some of the issues where you can take an important lead:

  •   Working time
  •   Taking your annual leave
  •   Utilising your rest days and not banking them
  •   Unnecessary attendance at meetings
  •   Unnecessary generation of paperwork
  •       Empowerment and trust

It is in our hands to change the culture of the service, please make a contribution and place wellbeing at the centre of our working day.

ASPS Annual Conference 2016

Despite a late problem which almost led to the cancellation of Conference, the ASPS annual conference 2016 will take place at Tulliallan on Wednesday 25 May 2016. Amongst the speakers will be the Chief Constable, the new Justice Secretary (who will respond to my final speech to conference) and DCC Andy Rhodes of Lancashire Constabulary, the lead for Wellbeing South of the border and an expert in this field. John Scott QC will deliver the annual Jack Urquhart address.

I would recommend the conference to you. Once again, it is at the college at your request and thus we would hope as many members as possible will attend. At the conclusion I will hand the chain of office to Gordon Crossan and depart the service.

Personal Note

It has been a privilege and honour to be your President for the last two years and to have served my colleagues as an elected staff association representative since 2005. I have seen a great many changes over the years and outstanding individuals come and go. For a small Association we punch way above our weight – long may that continue.

I wish Gordon all the very best in the Presidential role, I am sure he will do an outstanding job with your support.

Finally, I wish you all the very best of health and happiness as you continue to perform outstanding public service for the people of Scotland.

Kind regards,

Niven Rennie
Chief Superintendent President