St Georges Police Children’s Trust

A message from Jackie Muller about the St Georges Police Children’s Trust:

I don’t need to tell you all how important the SGPCT is to the children of our colleagues who are, or were, serving police officers and are now deceased; or are partly or wholly incapacitated from earning a living.

Sadly we seem to be asked to consider new applications at every meeting of the Board of Trustees and, in our day jobs, most of us are dealing first hand with the families – they are colleagues and often friends.

Currently the Trust provides a weekly maintenance allowance to support over 300 beneficiaries, and a Further Education Grant to support over 60 beneficiaries who are in further education e.g. vocational or university course.

On 21st May this year I will begin a two week cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats in aid of the SGPCT and in memory of every officer who has lost his or her life or is incapacitated from earning a living to support their family.

Donations can be made at  

Training is going well although the weather has not been kind to me and I have a turbo trainer set up in the conservatory – to the displeasure of my better half who seems to think it was a place for her to relax and enjoy peace and quiet!

I would appreciate you digging deep and making a contribution – it would mean a lot to me and you know it would mean even more to the families who benefit from the charity.

If you need any further information about this event please feel free to come back to me.

Many thanks

Jackie Muller

Equality Secretary

Scottish Police Federation