Annual Allowance Calculator

An excel spreadsheet has been developed by one of the financial advisors who works with the Police Superintendents Association of England & Wales.  This calculator will enable members to obtain an indication as to whether they are likely to exceed the AA threshold during 2014/15.  It can be accessed via the link below.

It is important that you note the following:

  • The calculator will only  provide an indication as to whether the threshold will be exceeded.  It is not necessarily 100% accurate and should not be considered a substitute for obtaining financial advice from a qualified provider.
  • It is not suitable for use if you have a pension sharing order in place.
  • If you transferred in pension benefits from another employment, you will need to ensure that this is reflected in the ‘accrual rate’ box, rather than the pensionable service derived from your police service alone.
  • In order to arrive at a figure, you will need to populate those boxes that are shaded in grey.  The relevant boxes will then be calculated automatically
  • Please don’t mess with this on the website.  If you want to use it, please save it to your own computer and do any calculations there!

Annual Allowance Calculator 2014 15