PRESS RELEASE – ASPS’ Response to Police Service of Scotland Staff Survey Results

The results of the 1st workforce survey have been released today by the Police Service of Scotland (PSOS) and the Scottish Police Authority (SPA). 

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (ASPS) welcomes the circulation of these findings and is pleased to note the commitment of the Service and the Authority to address the issues identified. Similarly we would highlight the continued commitment and desire of our colleagues to serve our communities.

These results mirror those previously identified in the three surveys undertaken by ASPS of our members.

Chief Superintendent Niven Rennie, President of ASPS, said,

“The Service has now been provided with an ideal opportunity to address some of the concerns of its workforce in relation to health, working environment and organisational culture”.

He continued,

“The commitment of officers and staff to provide service to their communities has once again been emphasised and this remains a real strength of the organisation”.

Finally he said,

“Of greatest concern to ASPS is the overwhelming number of staff who have expressed a view that nothing will change. It is essential that the leadership of the Service take immediate steps to demonstrate a commitment to making a difference. ASPS are determined to play a full part in achieving tangible outcomes in this respect”.