DCC Richardson’s update on Working Time Regulations

DCC Richardson has responded to ASPS’ President Niven Rennie on the issue of Working Time Regulations.  A copy of his letter can be read here: WTR Letter

DCC Richardson stated in the letter:-

“It is my intention through the Gold Group to engage with staff association and senior managers, to reinforce the message that senior managers are responsible for making the necessary adjustments to their diaries to ensure they are appropriately rested and breaches in the regulations are flagged up to the appropriate line managers.  This will ensure that their own wellbeing is taken into account, and will also set an example to other line managers and officers within their area of business.”

He also stated:

“In furtherance to the 15 recommendations of the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Group Report, I intend to fully discuss these with a view to supporting police officers and staff in their work life balance.”

ASPS’ General Secretary, Craig Suttie, will continue to represent the Association at the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Group and report back via the Executive Committee.