New reporting framework tracks police performance

New performance frameworks to more effectively monitor police performance have been introduced by the Scottish Police Authority and considered at a public meeting in Stirling on Thursday 27th August 2015.

The new regime will see regular oversight and monitoring of the delivery of the Strategic and Annual Police Plans as well as the SPA’s Business Plan and considers performance against a standardised evidence-based approach to service delivery and the sharing of best practice.

The SPA’s Strategic Police Plan Delivery Review provides an assessment of performance evidence from SPA and Police Scotland for Quarter 1, 2015/16 and a current summary of the delivery against the SPA Strategic Police Plan.

The Police Scotland Operational Performance Report follows consultation with Members who requested Police Scotland performance reports be more closely aligned to the priorities detailed in the Annual Police Plan and be reported quarterly. This paper captures information during Quarter One 2015/16 (April to June).

Speaking about Police Scotland’s performance during consideration of the Police Scotland’s Operational Performance Report, Vic Emery, Chair of the SPA said:”The overall snapshot of crime we have considered may at first glance suggests a situation where the long term fall in crime is reaching a plateau. The priority now is that we interrogate the underlying trend data in relation to crime groups to better understand if this is a one quarter anomaly or reflective of a change of direction across crime groups.

“Violent crimes do appear to have increased. Detection rates are also up. This would indicate that Police Scotland is continuing to respond well to violent crime in enforcement terms. The key now is to understand the underlying causes of an upswing in violence so that we can assess what preventive work, not just within policing but with partners, may be required.

“On sexual crimes it is encouraging that detection rates for rape are up and improving. Although this picture is not consistent across all sexual crimes this would appear to be a sign that Police Scotland are prioritising the most serious sexual cases.

“This has been a good step forward in our consideration of police performance.

“The next step is to better understand the quality of policing that our communities receive, something that is not as easily reflected in quantitative indicators.

“In short not just the detection rates for particular crime groups but an evaluation of how those detections translate into improved outcomes for victims and communities and how Police Scotland identify good practice then roll it out more widely.”