2015 Resilience Survey Results


This is our third survey of members over the last two years and the survey reflects some trends that provide real cause for concern.

I am particularly pleased with the response rate of 85% which greatly assists us in providing an evidence base for future action.  I would also wish to thank the Police Mutual Foundation for sponsoring not only this survey but for also providing Health Checks at our recent Conference.

There is some good news; the survey provides positive evidence of members achieving a buzz from the work they do which the vast majority see as a vocation.  However the survey also provides evidence of members suffering from Anxiety and Depression.  I am disappointed that yet again we are reporting that many members believe that senior managements approach to managing performance is harsh and unhelpful; members do not consider their efforts are appreciated and an increased number of members believe they are subject to bullying behaviours.

I am pleased that the Wellbeing Group established by the Police Service of Scotland with Scottish Police Authority representation late last year is establishing an action plan focussed on outcomes.  I also welcome the Chief Constables announcement at our conference of a review focussing on the current number of Superintending ranks, their role and the structures within which they work.

Craig Suttie
General Secretary

Please access full survey results via the following link:

ASPS Resilience Survey 2015